Jurisprudence (LLB First Year)

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Course Objectives
The objectives of this course are:
to impart the students about meaning, scope and importance of jurisprudence.
to inculcate the knowledge about schools of jurisprudence, Critical Legal Studies,
Feminist Jurisprudence and Post modernism.
to impart knowledge about the definition and sources of law, concept of justice and rule
of law and rights and duties
to acquaint the students with the nature and meaning of person, property and kinds of
to enable the students to understand about obligation, its kinds, possession, kinds of
possession, ownership and kinds of ownership

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What’s Inside ?

  • Introduction to Jurisprudence
  • Schools of Jurisprudence
  • Trends in Jurisprudence
  • Concepts and material related to Justice and Rule of Law
  • Concept and material related to of Person, Property, obligation and Liability
  • Premium articles related to Jurisprudence, Books and other study materials.

All the materials and resources are based on Tribhuvan University, BA-LLB, LLB and LLM Program.