Comparative Law & Nepalese Legal System

NPR 75.00

What’s Inside ?

Unit 1-Introduction 
Unit-2 Major Legal System 
Unit-3 Comparison of Laws of some Countries in terms of concepts and sources of law,
        system of courts and legal profession 
Unit-4 Historical Development of Nepalese Legal System 
Unit-5 Reformation of Nepalese Legal System 
Unit-6 Recent Trends of Nepalese Legal System
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Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are:
– to impart the students with the basic and fundamental knowledge of the major legal systems
of the world.
– to enable them to analyze and understand the differences between the major legal systems of
the world and laws of some countries.
– to make the students understand the influences of major legal systems and Hindu
Jurisprudence in Nepalese legal system.
– to enable the students to understand the basic notion of Nepalese legal system and judicial